Poems & Dedications
Vessel with embossed name. Vessel with transferred lettering. Vessel with words on fabric.
Embossed Lettering Typed Words Words On Fabric

There are a variety of ways you can have words and names on your customized cremation urn - embossed style lettering in relief (for names only), transfer of typed lettering (can be names, a dedication, a message or a poem) or lettering written on fabric and wound around the vessel (can be names, a dedication, a message or a poem). It is usually possible for you to choose the type of font you would like the lettering in. The number of words and sentences may be limited by the size of the urn.

Please ask by filling in the enquiry/order form on the "contact me" page specifying exactly what you would like, on what size of vessel, and I will get back to you with a confirmation of what is possible and a price.