Dad's Photo vessel

If you would like an image of your loved one, Earth Vessels can be decorated with photographs. If you provide me with colour or black and white photographs, these can be transferred onto the surface of the vessel or onto the top or underside of the lid.

The photographs can be single or several can be transferred onto the surface then finished with a protective layer of varnish. Due to the slightly granular texture of the original surface the resultant effect is muted and has the appearance of a fresco.

The clearer the colour contrast within the photo the better, though I can enhance the quality of some images. Photos from the home or garden or of pets precious to them can be added too. Most things are possible so please do ask.

The example is of a vessel I made for my Mum with a collage of images of my father and the ships he sailed on in his seafaring days, salvaged from some small and poor quality black and white photos which I had enhanced.