Pet Vessels


I create Earth Vessels for pets and call them “Pet Vessels”.

The unconditional love we share with our beloved pets means we often want to honour their passing in the way we would a relative or friend – sometimes even more so. If your dog loved the beach or woods or you want to be reminded of your cats softness then a customised urn may help you remember them in a unique way.

My aim in making pet vessels is to offer many different possibilities so that you can have an urn for your pet's ashes which is personal and truly special .

All styles shown in the gallery are available for pets and intermediate sizes between those shown on the purchase page can usually be made to fit the requirements for your beloved pet.

Contact me and let me know some details including the breed and the weight of your pet and I can work out a suitable size of urn and provide a quotation.


A testimonial from a pet lover I made an urn for:

“Even though I'd accepted my dog Pippin had died, I still wanted to keep him with me physically somehow.  When I spoke to Beth I told her the story of his life: of how we had lived by the sea and how he loved the beach, of when I used to take him to the meadows and he'd run in fields of buttercups and wildflowers.
Beth took the colours of the Ocean and shore and created a wonderful tribute to my greatest friend with a completely unique design.  Buttercup petals are sprinkled through sea blues and greens and changing sand shades.
Best of all - I had so many nick names for Mr Pippin which Beth managed to weave in a spiral around the whole piece.  When I look at the vessel I see my dog - not a holder for his ashes.  I feel sunshine and happiness: I feel him.”


About me and pets

There have always been special pet friends in my life… a number of cats, then Kirk, my tiny tortoiseshell cat, who ruled the house for 17 years! My first dog companion was Winnie, a phenomenal whippet/jack russel cross who was a truly sensitive being.

Mali, my current collie companion, has been with me over 9 years now, goes everywhere with me, and keeps me reminded of the wonders of our animal friends.