Landscape & Nature
Ancient Woodland vessel Beehive vessel Cocoon vessel Landscape vessel
Ancient Woodland Beehive Cocoon Landscape
Moss vessel Nature's Embrace vessel Oak vessel
Moss Nature's Embrace Oak
Spiral vessel Stone vessel Summer Rain vessel
Spiral Stone Summer Rain
Sunset Landscape vessel Trees vessel Wistman's Wood vessel
Sunset Landscape Trees Wistman's Wood

It may be that your loved one enjoyed being or walking in landscape and nature. These vessels are inspired by the natural world and often are finished with natural materials gathered on my walks in the West Country with my dog. I collect natural clays and chalks from the moors, woods and cliffs which I paint with, giving an earthy feel to these vessels. I collect and press fallen moss and lichen and attach these to the outside of the vessels. Often the landscape I walk in is itself just pure inspiration for the images I paint on the vessels.