Frequently asked questions

Can I have an Earth Vessel in my home?

Yes. Earth Vessels are not just to be put in the ground. The name "Earth Vessels" relates more to the organic feel of the urns and natural materials used to decorate some of them. In the home they are beautiful as a display urn and can be kept as a memorial even if the ashes are scattered or buried.

What size of urn do I need ?

This depends on whether the urn is for an adult or a child, whether you would like to scatter some of the ashes and what quantity of ashes you would like to keep. In general, 3.5 litres capacity holds the ashes of a large adult and so smaller sized urns (2 litres) may hold the ashes of a smaller person or some of the ashes if you choose to scatter the rest. A keepsake urn will just hold a small amount of ashes. Your funeral director will usually advise though please contact me if you are unsure of your requirements.

How do I put the ashes into the urn?

You can use a funnel to gently pour the ashes in. Ask a family member or friend to be with you and support you if needed or your funeral director or crematorium will most likely be very happy to do this for you. If the ashes are still at the crematorium then give them the urn and they should do it for you.

Will the ashes fall out of the urn?

No, the cork lid sits firmly in the neck of the urn, though if you want to seal it, run a thin layer of clear glue around the inside of the neck and push the lid in firmly.

The urn is made of fabric - is it robust?

Yes, earth vessels are made up of several layers of hardened fabric which are strong, yet the resulting vessel is very light and shatterproof. However it is not waterproof which is why it can biodegrade if placed in the ground.

Can I bury the urn?

Yes, and because it is made of fabric it will eventually over time biodegrade back into the earth.

What if I don't like the urn after I have bought it?

The most important thing is that you are happy with the vessel, so please get in touch if you are not happy. I will try and remedy the situation or give you your money back.

Do prices include post and packing?

Yes I will give you the total price of the urn including post and packing when I send you the specifications and price of the vessel.