Welcome to Earth Vessels

cocoon vessel on moor


Earth Vessels are unique handmade urns which hold the ashes of departed loved ones. They are called "Earth Vessels" to reflect the holding of our earthly body and our return to nature when we die.

The act of choosing a container, as a lasting memorial vessel to have in the home or to be placed in the ground, can be an important part of the process of acknowledging and honouring the loss of a loved one. Because every person is special and unique, Earth Vessels aims to provide you with an urn which is original, individual and personalised and is as special and unique as the person you remember.

The act of deeply remembering someone and thinking about the colours, materials, landscapes they would have loved in order to create a custom made urn can be very healing to grief. Poems, photographs and dedications can be used too.

Each Earth Vessel is individually made to order and may take from 10 to 28 days to be completed and delivered. See the Gallery page for the full range of possibilities available to meet your requirements and the FAQs page to answer any queries.

Earth Vessels can be made for your beloved pets too.


stone urn on window sill.